Intimate Dinner

Initial course for intimate dinner (Main): $50

*This includes set up as needed, preparation time, cook time, service, and clean up.

Each course thereafter: $20

Covid-19 Policy

We understand the uncertainties of Covid-19 and will do everything to ensure your safety, as well as ours. Screening your guests is required. Dates may be rebooked if required, no refunds will be given on deposit collected.

Complimentary amuse bouche provided for all dinners

4 courses or more will receive a complimentary sorbet course

NOTE: Server will be required for parties of 8 people or more

Wine pairing & table set up available

Plates and cutlery are provided

Mandatory 15% gratuity 


Caramelized Onion & Vanilla Bean


Cream Based Onion Soup with Vanilla Bean, Fried Shallots, Lemon Oil


Roasted Red Pepper Consommé

(Gluten-Free/ Lactose-Free)

A la Carte Pour Over a Stack of Spicy Miso Prawns, Fried Glutinous Rice, and Basil Oil.


Smoked Wild Mushroom

Locally Sourced Assorted Mushrooms, Hickory Smoked, Cream Based Soup. Garnished with Puff Pastry, Truffle Crème Fraiche & Lemon Thyme.





Fried Saganaki Topped with Baby Kale Salad, Apples, Shaved Focaccia, Confit Lemon and Mildly Spiced Red Wine Vinaigrette.


Warm Lentils in Arugula

Lemon & Tarragon Cream Emulsion, Coppa di Parma, Fennel, Fried Sage, Crouton 

Winter Eclipse

Shaved Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Squash, Shaved Carrot, Parsnip Tunnels, Cranberry & Champagne Wine Vinaigrette



Starter Plates

Spicy Drum


Organic Chicken Drum, Brined, Baked with Dehydrated Peppers & Fennel Rub. Doused with Sweet & Spicy Tomato Glazed. Set on Celeriac & Basil Jell.

Baby Octopus


Sautéed Fennel, Shallots, Garlic, Ginger, Green Chili, Red Pepper, Fried Taro Root, Laced with Bourbon Butter and Finished with Balsamic Reduction


Blackened Scallops


Chef's Spice, Sweet Pea Emulsion, Crispy Prosciutto, Miso Sesame Drizzle, Fried Lotus Root, Caviar

Stuffed Mini Portobello


On a Smoked Gouda Cream, Stuffed with Herb & Black Garlic Goat Cheese, Topped with Apricot Rosemary Jam, Served with Shaved Focaccia 

3 Perfect Lamb Balls


Laced with Soft Cheese, Seasoned with Care, and skewered on a bed of Spicy Chimichurri & Drizzled with Cumin & Lime Pressed Canola.



Charcuterie Platter

Small $85 (10-24 people)

Large $165 (25-50 people)

Fresh Chucked Oysters with Mignonette

12 $35

24 $65

Signature Dishes

Alberta Venison Tenderloin


Locally sourced

Pan-Seared Venison, Sweet Potato Pavé, Port Wine Reduction, Chive Oil, Asparagus Tips, Micro Greens.


Atlantic Salmon

(Lactose Free)

Habanero & Orange Glazed Salmon Fillet, Glutinous Rice Pilaf, Broccolini Florets, Fried Sage, Sage Foam & Radish Sprouts.

.Alberta Yak


Surf & Turf


3oz Ash Rolled Tenderloin, Mini Lobster Tail, Purple Potato, Spicy Cauliflower & Truffle Cream Sauce, Demi Glace, Broccolini Florets & Micro Greens.


Homemade Mediterranean Gnocchi


Kalamata Olives, Garlic, Zucchini, Baby Kale, Fennel, Cold Pressed Canola, Pecorino, Micro Greens.

Braised Beef Cheek


Molasses & Guinness Braised, 2-Way Squash, Seasonal Vegetables & Finished with Guinness Butter & Micro Greens.

Organic Half Chicken


Coconut Mint Chicken, Butternut Mashed, Seasonal Vegetables, Sautéed Black Fungus, Turmeric Oil.

4-Bone Rack of Lamb

(Gluten Free)

Glazed with licorice Root, Tarragon & Honey & Cooked to Perfection. Served with Risotto Cake, Chef's Choice Vegetables, Black Garlic Butter and Fried Taro Root.

Braised Short Rib


Glazed Boneless Short Rib, Saffron Potato Pavé, Celeriac Purée, Seasonal Vegetables, Topped with Crispy Taro Root & Micro Greens.



Raspberry & Coconut Pound Cake

On Top Bourbon Jell, Served with Dolce Leche Infused Whipped Cream.

Apple & Tonka Bean Bavarian Cream

Topped with Strudel, Graham Tulie Cracker, Bing Cherry Reduction, Mint Jell.   

Chocolate & Espresso Mousse Cake

Chocolate Crumb Base, Espresso Mousse, White Chocolate Condense Topping, Almond Crisp, Whipped Cream & Fresh Fruit.