Meal prep Menu

Elite Catering & Personal Chef Services believes in reducing waste and leaving a very small carbon footprint where possible. We provide glass microwaveable, dishwasher safe and oven safe containers for you. The $75 deposit on these containers is fully refunded once they are returned.

**12 hours notice required with payment**


10 meals for $100+gst

10 snacks for $50+gst

Minimum 10 meals per order and orders must be doubled up

Roasted vegetable and tomato pasta with chipotle

Vegetable and fava bean stir-fry with brown rice (little sauce)

Dahl soup with naan

Vegetable chilli with chickpeas and fava beans

Green curry with chickpeas, kale, and mixed vegetables and brown rice

Mushroom and kale whole wheat pasta with sundried tomato and white wine cream sauce

 Grilled marinated Portobello mushroom salad with peppers, tomato and mixed greens 

Sweet potato, butternut and beet medley (roasted) with arugula and pine nuts

Potato gnocchi with olives, zucchini, kale and artichokes

Roasted red pepper hummus with naan

Non Vegetarian

10 meals for $110+gst

10 snacks for $50+gst

Minimum 10 meals per order, orders must be doubled up

Seared 4 oz tuna fillet with ancient grains and roast vegetable

5 oz Herb and garlic Chicken with roasted carrots and potato

5 oz Grilled chicken breast with tossed salad, mushrooms, cucumber and burnt orange vinaigrette

5oz Flank steak, roasted baby potato and corn

5oz pan seared tilapia rubbed in turmeric and dill with wild rice pilaf and vegetables

Turkey meatballs with butternut squash mashed and roasted vegetables

5oz hemp crusted salmon with wild rice and green beans

4oz Pork tenderloin with butternut squash and potato mash and broccoli

Chicken and mushroom pasta with white wine cream sauce and kale (6oz whole wheat pasta)

4oz moroccan chicken with brown rice and vegetables

4oz Smoked paprika chicken breast with carrots and couscous

4oz almond chicken with mixed vegetable israeli couscous

Shrimp stir fry or beef stir-fry with chow mein noodles

Paleo Options

10 meals for $135+gst

Minimum 10 meals per order and orders must be doubled up

All dishes are done with olive oil or grape seed oil,  vegetables and fruit and low salt (pink Himalayan seas salt)

6oz fruit stuffed pork tenderloin with cauliflower

6oz Tandori masala chicken breast with assorted roasted vegetables and squash


6oz Herb and garlic chicken breast with yams

6 Prawns with roasted vegetables


4 oz chicken breast with arugula, pine nuts, and almonds

Tandoori masala cauliflower with 6oz chicken breast

4oz chicken breast with hardboiled egg and roasted

5 oz Tumeric and dill tilapia fillet with walnuts and cauliflower

5oz Chicken breast with organic greens, peppers, tomato, cucumber, and mushrooms and kalmata olives.

5oz Flank steak salad with cucumber, mushroom and peppers

5oz Coho Salmon fillet with roasted squash


5 oz chicken Sweet potato and hard boiled egg



10 for $50+gst

Assorted raw vegetables


Fruit with almonds


 Assorted fresh fruit


3tbs Cottage cheese and fruit

3tbs Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola

Sugar snap peas with 3tbs hummus

Roasted red pepper hummus

Dried Fruit and nuts

Cucumber and 3tbs hummus