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chef's waldorf salad
mixed greens salad
mussles in tomato broth
private BBQ
smoked ham and sugar snap pea soup
telus world of science- lumen 2018
Lumen 2018
breakfast T.V
food expo
table set up
Kangaroo and endive
Pan-seared kangaroo
shimp and scallops in miso
Plated salad at a wedding of 165 people
chef at work plating
wedding first dance
Octopus dish
cauliflower soup
marinated prawn salad
custom table set up
spicy chicken drum
Weed infused dinners
Bar service
fig cream in rolled toast
Roasted vegetable pesto bites
proscuitto wrapped tenderloin
stuffed chicken
seared scallops
herb crusted lamb rack
Duck breast
sunchoke soup
roast beef- buffet
Salmon rolls
table set up
Serving salads
Ash crusted beef tenderloin
Chicken satay
Swuash soup
braised short rib
creme brulee
oyster Lumen 2018
Kangaroo and endive
donut bar
Buffet set up
proscuitto wrapped tenderloin
salmon dish
lumen 2018
personal chef service
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