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​Family-Weekly Meals

Too busy to make dinner for yourself and/or your loved ones? Looking to eat healthier but don't want to pay top dollar for daily meals? We will take the shopping, prepping, and cooking out of the equation so you can spend your precious time doing the things you love, while we do the thing we love!

With rising prices of fresh produce in Edmonton many people are surprised with how affordable hiring a personal chef is. With prices starting at $520 for two weeks of evening meals, the average working couple can easily afford a Personal Chef. Take in consideration the value of your time and the service we provide has become just as common and affordable as a house keeper


5 weekdays of evening meals:
(Five entrees @ two portions per person = 10 customized meals)

Family of 2- 20 meals- $520

Family of 3 (Ideal for a family of four w/ children under 10)- 30 meals- $660

Family of 4- 40 meals- $800

Family of 5- 50 meals- $950

**Organic Service available at an additional cost.

**Glass containers recommended and available for a $100 refundable deposit, deposit will be refunded within 10 days of the  end of the contract period, or last day of service.

Looking for a gift? Five tasty recipes made for two. Gift a loved one dinner for everyday of the week.

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